Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now
Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now   Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now   Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now   Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now   Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now
Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now

I am now focused on novel writing, but prior to that I had written several screenplays including this one for a Spider-Man sequel to the Sam Raimi directed trilogy. As I have been a die-hard Spider-Man fan since I was three years-old and being also a big movie buff, I thought I could put those two loves together and write a Spider-Man 4 script that I would love to see on the big screen.

As many of the storylines were wrapped up in Spider-Man 3, I wanted to continue the story with the next chapter in Peter Parker's journey but breathe some new life into it so it ends with a nice set up for future Spider-Man films. This script is loosely inspired by the popular "Kraven's Last Hunt" storyline. The synopsis is as follows:

Having lost both his best friend and the love of his life, Peter Parker tries to push his personal and professional life forward after graduating from University. But both Peter's future and that of his superhero alter-ego are threatened when two foreigners come to New York with a plot to bury Spider-Man once and for all. After seemingly defeating Spider-Man, with the help of The Chameleon, Kraven the Hunter takes up Spidey's post of New York's "protector", throwing the city into a deadly panic only one man can end. But will our hero rise from the ground or is this truly the end for the city... and for Spider-Man?

If you have read the entire script, I'd love to hear your feedback in the comment section below. Please share your thoughts on everything from Mary Jane's departure to the use of villains, but please use a spoiler warning before discussing the script's twists. I will frequent the board and respond to as many posts as I can.

Enjoy! Click here to read about my other projects and here to contact me.

Based on characters owned by Marvel Entertainment, Inc. This script is Un-Official. It is not associated with Marvel. It uses content copyright by Marvel, without permission as fan-fiction. This material is used for the purposes of informed discussion, and is not intended to interfere with Marvel's right to use said material for their own commercial goals.

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Joe Winzenried
Posted 2439 days ago
I have to say that I was really impressed! It seems like you really know the source material! One of the things missing in the first 3 movies were the quips and banter so it was nice seeing that. Good choice of villains. Always thought the Chameleon would be good in the movies. I think maybe their shouldn't be as many interview scenes, but it would fit in well with the first three movies. All in all great job. I'm mad at you though because I got caught up in it and skipped my workout!
Michael Seidelman
Posted 2440 days ago
Well, I HOPE you wouldn't say it [beep] ed after only reading a LITTLE. Facebook references are only at the beginning, BTW :) Let me know what you think when you finish.
Posted 2440 days ago
Only read lil. not that it [beep] e cause idk yet. but its late where i am and tired. but good but it was little off putting starting intro from facebook.
Michael Seidelman
Posted 2442 days ago
Thanks for the great review, Graham!
Graham F
Posted 2445 days ago
wow and wow!! didnt think i'd end up reading the whole thing, very well written indeed. the villains were well written but not to over written I think, so glad der was no love story as well, but peter just an onlooker of a romance instead. one thing i was hoping tho was maybe aunt may would relise pete is spidey, and maybe indicate to him but not admit that she knows and make a speech how ben would be proud, and den maybe pete havin a V.O about redemption or something. dats only my 2cents, what ive read here is amazing, sony wouldnt b doing a reboot if they read this I tell ya
Michael Seidelman
Posted 2480 days ago
Thanks for the kind words, Bill!
bill thompson
Posted 2485 days ago
absolutely brilliant, thats what spiderman 4 should of been instead of a damn reboot, but i got to say it was great
Michael Seidelman
Posted 2564 days ago
Thanks for the kind words, Wildman. No worries for borrowing my website idea... all of us aspiring writers are in the same boat. Glad you enjoyed my screenplay... I will print your novella and give it a read when I have a chance! I'll let you know what I think once I have read it. All the best of success with your writing too!! Michael
Posted 2564 days ago
Posted 2564 days ago
Hi, Michael! I read the script, and I thought it moved really well!

I'm also an aspiring screenwriter, and bizarrely enough, felt I should write a Spider-man screenplay. I eventually turned it into a novella, and since I felt it was impossible to get it published, and I was tired of working on it, posted what I had online. It's got plenty of grammar and spelling errors, but I enjoyed the story.

But just wanted to stop in and give you props! I've visited your site several times to see what you're into, and thought the site idea was really quite brilliant. I'd worked on my project since '08, and never really felt comfortable posting it online, but since Marvel is the giant that they are, it was never going anywhere, anyway. I hated for it to collect dust.

If you get the opportunity to ever skip over to look at it, I'd like to hear what you thought of my approach. I apologize in advance for borrowing your website idea, but if it's any consolation, your site is way better!

Good luck in your continued writing! Hope you make it big one day!

Michael Seidelman
Posted 2688 days ago
Thanks a lot Greg!
Posted 2688 days ago
Found this on IMDB and read it straight through. I dislike Kraven and Rhino as characters, but you wrote a really good script man! Keep it up!
Michael Seidelman
Posted 2704 days ago
Thanks a lot! Much appreciated!
Posted 2704 days ago
I was disappointed they didn't make Spidey 4, but your script to me IS Spider-Man 4 I loved I always hated Kraven as a character until I read your script, you have talent!

My one criticism was the initial handling of the Rhino, but the rest was sooooo perfect I forgot I wish they had made this the movie, seriously keep writing don't waste your gift.
Michael Seidelman
Posted 2773 days ago
Thanks a lot Jadon! I really appreciate your comments!
Posted 2774 days ago
I was disgusted with the idea of a reboot. For such a successful franchise to start over is ridiculous. I loved the script for the most part. The one-liners of Spidey were good and awkwardness of Peter really came through, however some of the dialogue was weak in places (that's what editing is for). The visuals you included were helpful in picturing the scenes-I could really "see" what was happening. I think as a movie, this could work very well with a little darker atmosphere a la the new Batman franchise. Great story! Good luck in the future!
Michael Seidelman
Posted 2808 days ago
Thanks for your feedback Cody. I'm glad that you enjoyed it!
Posted 2813 days ago
It was very good. I also am a screenwriter and I just have to say that this was well done. The ending dragged on for a little while, but you definately made it worth it with that final scene. I'm sure this would have been a much better film than the reboot.
Michael Seidelman
Posted 2831 days ago
Thanks a lot JD for your feedback, both positive and negative. I do appreciate it, especially from a fellow writer! I actually toyed around with some of your ideas when I was writing it. I decided not to have Kraven dress as Spidey since we kind of saw a "bad" Spider-Man in the last movie and though different, I didn't want to seem repetitive in with that theme. All good feedback. I appreciate it and am glad you enjoyed reading the script!
Posted 2831 days ago
I really enjoyed reading this, thanks for making it available!
You had some great ideas. Since the point of the "Comments" section is feedback, as a fellow writer I'll give you mine.

- Peter had a strong characterization, right from the start. Forgetting his speech, his nervousness, etc.
- I liked Peter's journey through this story, especially as he pursues teaching.
- THANK YOU for making Spider-Man a wise cracking smart ass! That was sorely missed in Raimi's renditions. Although I thought he lost that post-burial (obviously he's pretty serious and focused, but he'd still get a couple in there. It's Spidey - he can't help it.)
- The lack of love story works. You're right, it's been done to death.
- The lizard build-up was excellently done. Love the very last scene.
- Having new supporting cast members was nice. Betty and Ned were great.
- The twist on Ned was handled well. I love a good crazy stalker villain.
- The "death" scene where Peter talks with Ben and Harry was very well written and communicated some good truths. I like how you dealt with the whole Spidey/Peter element.
- Your fight settings were cinematically ideal. A concert stadium, a museum... all visually interesting.

- I think the Kraven conclusion should have ended with Chameleon driving away laughing, or at the very most when Kraven commits suicide. The suicide could have been a strong ending, but I felt it was instantly ruined by the Rhino's presence. The Betty twist is interesting but I would rather it didn't happen. Rhino is a B-lister, and he should in no way be responsible for Kraven's downfall. Either leave their getaway as a cliffhanger, or have him receive his "honorable death".
- I think Kraven's master plan would be stronger if he actually wears the Spider-Man costume and people believe that Spidey's now a murderer (closer to the true KLH story). The "similar costume" thing didn't jive for me.
- Some of the dialogue was cringe-worthy (not much, but some). Chameleon's first reply to Spidey is "No duh"? Too third-grade-little-girl for my taste.

Hope that helps as you continue to tweak your script. Maybe someone will read it and use elements to shape a great Spidey 4 - and you'll get credited!

- Michael Seidelman
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